Waterstone Rolfing

Structural Integration




Providing Rolfing® Structural Integration to Southeastern Coastal North Carolina, including Wilmington, Hampstead, Surf City, and surrounding areas.

My name is Susan Waterstone. I am a Certified Rolfer™, licensed massage and bodywork therapist (NC #12978), as well as a certified yoga instructor.

My background is in pharmaceutical sciences, however, I have always had a passion for alternative and natural healing modalities, so I decided to pursue a career in Rolfing Structural Integration.

I first received Rolfing in 1997 after a skiing accident left me with lower back pain. I tried chiropractic manipulations, physical therapy, orthopedic services, ice (and more ice), immobilization, and rest. While these things were beneficial, I was truly impressed with the benefits I received from my Rolfing sessions. Chronic patterns of tension in my body were relieved during the treatments; and I believe those old patterns were the reason my lumbar back was primed for injury in the first place.

I retired from my pharmacy practice in 2011 to pursue my passion for alternative healing modalities, which of course included Rolfing. I took my yoga practice to a new level with yoga teacher training, and studied Thai yoga therapy and reflexology while attending massage therapy school. After graduating from massage school, I was accepted into the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration and graduated in 2014. I am happy to be offering my Rolfing services to the southeastern coast of North Carolina.


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